Hidden Gem

Was preparing a wedding for print today and happily listening to Janice while editing then suddenly this image popped up and punched me squarely in the jaw… woke me up and scolded me.

You see, usually after i finish a wedding, no matter how tired i am, i will go thru the images once, pick out one or two favourites and edit until i happy, then go to sleep smiling.

but for some reason, this shot eluded me that nite, and today i paid for it, jaw still swollen…

here it is:

Looks normal? not to me.

firstly, this amazes me becos it was shot in ur regular HDB flat. no flash, no artificial light (yes i specifically remember the lights of the house weren’t on yet, which is good, becos then i would get mixed lighting conditions and would have to convert it to black and white). just ur regular cloudy day outside the main door, and a white wall.

next, it is so simple! pleasant bride, calm feminine pose, rather simple gown, no tiara, soft light, soothing tones, and just one element to bring a focal point, the destiny pendant.

i’m still recovering from the punch. i wonder if anyone else sees this image like i do….

did i ever say that i love my job?!?!!??! =)

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