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The Canon Creative Asia Photography Awards

Just received news that I’d bagged a total of 19 awards from the the inaugural Creative Asia Photography Awards competition!
Together with my newborn and all, this must surely rank as one of the most fantastic end to a year ever!
Fingers crossed 2011 is gonna be even better!!

Anticipating the Rabbit : Promotions for 2011

Hello beautiful people!

Last night I had a dream, where a rabbit came to me and said [whatever noises rabbits make] and it wanted me to make sure more couples who get married in “its” year could have a better experience for their wedding photos. Not wanting to disappoint those cute pointy ears, I have come up with a great plan, so please read carefully and there are enough phone lines and email addresses to go round for everyone to start contacting me, so don’t worry!

Actual Day:

Jonathan is having a 20% off hourly rates for sign ups as long as you do this: Book at least 10 hours, and book before 31 March 2011. Booking for 10 hours is quite common for a wedding day, and booking before 31 Mar for a 2011 wedding (even a December wedding) is always prudent, so that basically means good news for almost EVERY couple getting married in the rabbit year!

Overseas Pre-Wedding:

See below for the schedule for next year, and feel free to contact me should you have other places you wish to go that’s not included. Also, click here for a comprehensive FAQ to overseas bridal photography.

So here’s my bid to keep the rabbit happy, so that you will have great memories from your wedding, which will promote great offspring. Hump like rabbits, you beautiful people!

Email me now!

- jOhO

Bridals in Melbourne – May 2011

I (Michael, in case anyone gets confused again) will surely be in Melbourne, Australia between 13 – 16 May 2011 for a Wedding. I certainly don’t mind extending my stay there just a little longer (before or after the aforementioned dates), if there’s couples who wishes to join me for a bridal / casual photoshoot in the land down under. E-MAIL me with your interest and I shall get back to you on the packages available, as soon as I can. Cheers!!

Chen-Yang & Peiling – Wedding Day Sneak Preview

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Chen-Yang & Peiling over the last year or so. Covering their Solemnization and subsequently, their wedding day (which is awesome by the way). There could be no better match than this lovely couple. And sweet Chen-Yang who had no dance background was game enough to participate in the dinner intro dance sequence (took him 9 months to learn!!) which looked incredible. This must surely rank as the best surprise/intro to a wedding I have ever seen! 2 thumbs up to the Chen-Yang & Peiling and the flash mob dance crew!! You guys are the best!
For those who weren’t there, you can check out the video of the dance recorded by the guests here (i actually appeared in the video a couple of times too! not dancing of course hahahaha)

More sneak peak shots over at our fanpage on facebook

Brandon & Kellie – Wedding Day Sneak Preview

An outrageously fun day with the lovely couple and a whacky bridal party! At the same time, the morning affair was also one of the most traditional I’d been through in a long time, with a proper “Mei Po” no less. Unforgettable, are the touching speeches by the bride and groom in the evening which almost brought me to tears. This is a couple that’s truly meant for each other and I wish them an eternity of happiness.

On a sidenote, the iPad however, caused me alot of frustrations when it refuses to sync with iTunes, rendering it unable to download the edited images you see below for me to display during the reception. I ended up having to lug my laptop over to reception to display the images at an abandoned corner (only place with power supply) of the reception. Can someone develop a nice big screened tablet which has a fantastic display, long lasting battery life and no association whatsoever to Apple please.

More images can be found @ our fanpage on Facebook

Lawrence & Peirong – Wedding Day Sneak Preview

Hey everyone. I’m leaving for KL in a few hours and will be back in a couple of days. Please excuse any delay in our mail/sms replies over the next few days. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Before I go, here’s some sneak previews from Lawrence & Peirong’s wedding day.

For even more images from Lawrence & Peirong’s wedding day, pls visit our fanpage on facebook or click on this link to make the jump :)

Adrian . Ivy (Wedding Day Highlights)

A while back, I got to witness & capture the beautiful wedding of Adrian & Ivy, one of the couples we hold close to our hearts (I believe I speak for Jonathan too hehe). From the initial meetups to supper / drinks nights, it was always a privilege & pleasure to be in their company. Had it not been for the unfortunate ash cloud that threatened flight cancellations and my tight schedule back in Singapore, I would have spent even more wonderful time (still rue to this day) with the lovely couple in Berlin for their romantic bridal shoot with Jonathan. It’s a bummer that they are back in Hong Kong (for work) so soon after their big day, but that’s life and I wish them all the best and hopefully produce little adrian and little ivy soon! And guys, you can be sure I will head on over to HK and catch up, as soon as I find some time to pry myself away from Singapore!

Here’s the express slideshow I made for the couple, for those who wants to relive the beautiful day.