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World Tour 2013

Join Michael on a wonderful journey around the world in 2013. Amazing deals available for couples looking to have their bridal images taken at the following locations. Inquire now at


It usually takes us 10 hours to complete a wedding coverage.

Of that 10 hrs, 2 mins is used to set up a shot like what you see here.

5 mins to get the lights up and in sync. A fraction of a second to photograph the actual image itself.

And many more “behind the scene” hours to perfect the image in our digital darkroom (in this case approx. 3 hours) to achieve the finished product.

For those who you who are still skeptical about spending your hard earned money on top drawer professional photographers for the biggest day of your life. Think again. :)

The above, are before and after images to demonstrate what I was talking about. Leftmost image being the RAW file while the rightmost is the finished stylized version.

Expressively jOhO’s very own Great Singapore Sale

It’s that time of the year again where we let our loyal fans in on a little perk. Sign up for both Bridal and Wedding Day Package and get a nice lil discount off the total bill! Hurry and sign up before the National Day deadline!!

Love at La Défense

A not so often covered location of Paris. The futuristic looking world at La Defense, in stark contrast to the romantic streets of old Paris. Thanks so much to the adventurous couple, Ryan and Jessie for bearing the cold with us to get these wonderful alternative images. We almost freezed our asses off so I made pretty damn sure the images turned out great.

Also special mention goes out to Sweet Affinity Bridal for loaning us the beautiful gown for this particular photo shoot.

Click to enlarge the image and view in it’s full glory.

It’s about you…

I love it when an image tells us more about the subjects, then just composition, lights and posing.

Where Are You?

Join me won’t you?

Teng Sen & Karin – Wedding Day Sneak Preview

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”