wesley . jeannie

ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum) galore!

william . clara

apparently a groom that organised the whole wedding, the bride just had to turn up. WELL DONE WILLIAM!!!!!!! =)

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steven . jamie (e-session with Dino)

Click here for our latest e-session (non-bridal) photo/video shoot with steven and jamie.

yes, that steven in my shoutbox who has been nothing but nice! you guys are great!

and dino.. he’s brilliant! =P

teng sern . wai yee

Back from Bali (quite a while liow) so here’s a preview!

VERY VERY VERY atypical of the usual blue skies and blue seas… well, i made do. =)

Bridals in Melbourne – Mar 2009


Yeap, expressively jOhO is doing it again, another promo for Melbourne tentatively set for last week of February to first week of March 2009.

To see what Melbourne looks like to shoot bridals visit here and here.

So please email me for details, email address is on the top right of this window (in big bold letters split into three lines… anti spam tactics!)

If you wish to leave a comment for me to contact you, please leave your email address!

Also if any of you wish to shoot in any other city, or in multiple cities in Australia, I’m game! Ayers Rock anyone? Great Barrier Reef? =)

brett . pamela

my first wedding in a skirt!! well.. it’s not a skirt, and i wasn’t wearing it.


thank you for “helping” with the song selection oxg =)

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Thank you for your comments!

And I don’t even know who you are!


There are two things I hear/read EVERYDAY, whether through email, phone, sms, msn, PM, tags, comments, forum posts, blog posts…..

1. your photos are good/great/nice etc.
2. you are very expensive.

It is very encouraging that a stranger would find beauty and feeling in my work and it makes it that much more special when you (I) know that person has no reason to be nice, and so “eloborately” nice!

So, thanx!

sidenote: it’s been one meal per day for the last 3 days… amazing.. that.. i… have not lost any weight. =(

sidenote2: flying again tomorrow, emails/sms/phonecalls will be delayed, as this time i’m not even bringing my laptop, as i dun think there’s internet in the hotels there anyway. i’ll still try to check and reply. man.. i hope i can even roam!

sidenote3: i have 20 rolls of velvia waiting to be exposed… wOOt!!! =)

sidenote4: no… i dun usually shoot weddings with velvia… in case u’re wondering. =P